Real estate & GST

GST Positive towards Real Estate Sector The arrival of GST is supposedly a boon to the real estate industry. All raw material inputs like cements, steel, sand, bricks, wood, flooring, sanitary-ware, electrical materials will undergo a major change of getting organised...

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Real Estate In chennai

                WHAT ARE REVENUE RECORDS & IMPORTANCE OF THE SAME   Historically India has been an agrarian economy with agriculture as the main activity. The Revenue Department used to collect taxes from the farmers and issue the following documents to them,...

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Land Brokers In chennai

         SAFETY AND SECURITY OF LAND -ENCROACHMENT & ITS SOLUTIONS  WHY BUY LAND Real Estate is the best asset class for the highest returns & Land yields the highest return in Real Estate. Land cannot be produced & just a fraction of the Earth is Land!...

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RERA has been a much awaited compliance statute for the ever burgeoning Real Estate industry. Hitherto, there were not much entry barriers to being a Developer and lot easier being a Realtor (Broker). This has over the years led to a lot of misgivings and shortcomings...

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